Case study of a cosmetics company

From ‘Out-of-Business’ to ‘Out-of-Stock’. Success Story of a Home-Grown Business That Went To Become Multi-Million Business

Handmade Products

In Mumbai, a Homemade Cosmetics Company started as a humble homegrown beauty business that offered homemade beauty and skincare products.

The company offered beauty and wellness products that took care of most concerning skincare issues faced by people.

The home-grown firm's beauty products could give people the confidence to go unfiltered throughout an entire day. From saggy skin to acne control, the brand had it all covered.

There was no zit, the brand couldn't pop, and no blemish the brand couldn't reduce, no fine line the brand couldn't move the company's magic wand over.

Brewing Trouble

So it was fair for the enterprise to expect an exciting customer response, right? Unfortunately, the market response to the company's innovation never met the company's expectations.

Even though the brand earned enough to sustain the business, to grow, the brand needed more. Something was missing. Something seemed not to let the enterprise grow.

From one aspect, it seemed like the buyers of the company's products were limited in number. No matter how good the company's product was, the company's market wasn’t growing.

The company tried changing its store interiors and renovated several times to gain attention but to no avail. They started spending loads and loads of money on marketing and advertising in local newspapers, but that hardly made any difference.

So this beauty brand started doing everything the brand could to save the company's business from falling apart instead of focusing on its products. Due to this, the brand slowly started losing the company's brand value.

One Small Step That Became a Giant Leap

That is when the brand decided to take a new life-changing step. Going Online appeared like the company's last hope to save its small scale and almost-stagnant business.

So at once, the company decided to drop every ridiculous marketing technique and to go online. The company created a website for the company's brand and listed the company's products along with the company's features.

Further, the beauty-based firm put down the basic prices for every product and featured a pictorial demo on every shade model. The company invested ample time and energy to create this new website for the company's business. And then, with one click, the brand hosted the company's business online and hoped for the best.

The Response

The customers swooned at the company's products, and carts were filled almost in a month. Most of the company's collections started selling.

The home-grown firm's beauty company went from 'nearly-out-of-business' to 'completely-out-of-stock.' The beauty rush seemed to be taking over the company's business.

The company's market grew because the company's presence became noticed by far off customers. The company's products grew highly in demand. The problem of not being able to reach the company's target customer was solved now.

The company's visibility grew, and it became easy to find new customers. Moreover, it became easier for customers to locate the enterprise. The store used to return open just for just 6 hours. The website ran for 24. The business made money even when the world was sleeping. No more unnecessary store-running maintenance costs meant more direct investments on inventory and development of new products.

The Aftermath

This gave the beauty based firm a chance to indulge in what the brand loved the most- Developing More Beauty Products. Uncompromised beauty products. The company didn't have to worry about unnecessary market research or reaching out to customers anymore.

Due to the business's online presence, it was easier to conduct customer surveys and know exactly what customers wanted. Invaluable time, money, and resources were saved, all thanks to online business.

The business started developing products based solely on customer demand. The brand started creating new eye shadow palettes that were sold within hours of the company's launch on customer demand.

The company launched a variety of setting powders, eye shadow collections, line reduction, and skin firming creams that had new revolutionary technologies.

All’s Well That Ends Well

The small scale single store business had exploded and grew into a colossal all-over-the-country business, thanks to the company's online omnipresence.

Customers could order simultaneously from various states all at once. And the brand did! Loyal customers came even from far off places that were unheard of.

Online presence did wonder for the company. It had significant advantages like lesser investments, the easier customer connects, far-reach market, 24/7 availability, and wider market coverage that revitalized a small scale business falling apart. All thanks to moving online.

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