Why is 'MakeMySite' the right platform to launch a marketing website?

Traditional ways are more reliable than online marketing. It is the best way to promote your brand and represent it to the whole world. At present, YouTube is the top most visited website with around 1.6 billion monthly visitors from organic search. Well, who knows that your website would be there one day?

Why is website building so vital?

A website serves as a basic foundation tool for marketing.

In today's world, maintaining an online presence is quite reliable for marketing purposes. It's cheaper and time-saving in many aspects. It is a good place to represent your brand to your existing as well as new customers.

In short, a website is the first impression of your brand. It should be reliable, easy to use, and informative for the visitors. So, you need to take enough time to sit and effectively design your website.

Checklist Pre-launch

  • Choosing an appropriate platform
  • The rise or the fall of your website strongly depends on the platform where you build it up. Therefore, you should choose the right platform such as, 'MakeMySite'.

  • Registering domain
  • The building block of a website is its domain name. A bad domain name could push your website into crises. At the same time, a good domain name could make your website 'shine bright like a diamond'.

  • Select a Hosting Platform
  • Ever heard about hosting? Of course, everyone has, but yet, everyone tries to omit this step because it seems worthless to invest time in.
    For long-term plans, flexibility, stability, SEO, and site speed, you should invest enough time in choosing the right platform for your site.

  • Set up a coming soon page
  • Just because your website isn't out doesn't mean that you can't gather your target audiences. By launching a coming soon page, before actually launching the website helps in holding the interest of the visitors and could prove to showcase your enthusiasm.

    Adding a countdown would make your site more engaging. Or putting a signup box and asking visitors to sign to get them notified about your website's launch.

  • Testing
  • Testing your site before launching saves you from after launch crises.

    Is the website readable?

    Is it working properly on different search engines?

    Does it support mobile devices (handheld devices)?

    Is it easily accessible and easy to navigate for users?

    If 'yes' is the single answer for all these questions, then your website is ready to go out. If there's a single 'No,' go to the depth of the issue and fix it beforehand.

  • Promote
  • Promotion is the key here. It is recommended that the promotion process should start at least a week before the launch date. You need to promote the site that you've worked on for months. Without promotion, your website would not be able to reach its traffic goal.
    Collaborate with similar creators or companies. This would ensure that your website would be more of a common name among people.

  • Description and tag titles
  • While creating a website, speed should not be your goal. Stability should be your end goal. Never cut down the process of adding a description and tags to your page. It seems quite a minute task, but it holds great importance from the point of view of an SEO-friendly interface.

During launch

  • Activate analysis
  • Analyzing your website's growth is important. In case something is going wrong, it could be monitored. MakeMySite is a great place to set up your website from scratch and for running an effective analysis during the launch. With MakeMySite, you don't need extra tools for analyzing your website.


  • Check for broken links
  • It's not 100 percent sure that things would always go the right way around. The motive is to make your website an easier place for the users, which should also be your priority.
    Broken links are not a big problem to worry about, but if the links remain unfixed then, it could make your website crash. This issue is quite likely to happen and can be fixed manually or by using specific software. Tons of free and paid software are available on the web.
    It would be better if you already had a backup plan, which could save your time.

  • Verify speed
  • After the launch, it is not necessary that your website would work at its best. Things would require repairs and editing. You are verifying your website after the launch ensures that your website is user-friendly.

  • Promote
  • Promotion should not be stopped. Either it's pre-launch or post-launch, the promotion should go on.

The ideal launch day

Launching a website is the next after designing a website. This could be quite a tricky process, but following the right process could save a lot of your time and money.
Even though the content is the most crucial aspect of your website, finding the right audience is important as well.

The main goal should be gathering maximum traffic, which could be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Put CTA (call to action) in the text. Such as, ask your viewers to subscribe to your email list.

  • Leave comments on your websites. This would ensure that the visitors would return and would feel connected.

  • Share your website with as many people as possible. It will be excellent if you have a good amount of audience on other platforms. Even if you are a newbie, collaboration helps.

A quick fun fact, for some unknown reason, it is said that Tuesday is the best day to launch your site. It is considered that on Tuesday, your potential clients are more likely to browse through the web.

How to launch a Website when you have zero experience?

  • Step 1: Evaluate the End Goal in your Mind
  • Before finally working on the project, you should have your mind made up about the end consequences. A chart with the cost, design, and target audience should be prepared beforehand. It's easy to work if you already have plans made.

  • Step 2: Select an Unforgettable and simpler URL
  • The goal is to select such a URL that could be easily remembered by your clients and, most importantly, you. It should be something simpler to spell or should contain some everyday used words. Try to use more professional language to save your website from a crash.

  • Step 3: Add The following Tools
  • 1. Growth analyzing tools

    2. Content analyzing tools

    3. Heat maps

    4. List builder

  • Step 4: What is the next thing to do?
  • A single word answer, MakeMySite.

Why MakeMySite is the right platform to launch a marketing website?

If you have little or zero experience in this context then, MakeMySite is the perfect place for you. It offers you the following features, all at the same place:

  • Attractive templates
  • When you are in the process of making a website, it can be frustrating to outline the basic design on your own.
    MakeMySite provides you stunning templates. Now even from scratch, one can build an attractive website by making use of the wide selection of templates provided by MakeMySite.

  • Personalization
  • Alongside the templates, one can also go towards the personalization way. With the diverse personalization options, one can set up their website according to the requirements.
    With a personal touch, your website would set itself in the direction of growth.

  • Sleek and simple interface
  • It is a common belief that one needs to have professional skills to set up a website. MakeMySite has the most effective and simple interface so that a person with minimum skills could launch their marketing website without any additional help.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing coordinators manage the marketing (SEO and SEM) on multiple digital platforms. As a result, companies would experience a boost in revenue.
    It helps your website to reach out to its target audience and helps you to work according to your customer's perspective.

  • SEO friendly designs
  • SEO increases the visibility and traffic of your site on search engines.
    SEO might come out as a typical task, so having an SEO-friendly web structure will give you a huge boost.
    MakeMySite makes sure that your website gets the maximum reach. With its integrated SEO features, your website would receive higher rankings on the search engine.

  • Automation
  • Improved automation tools help to gather maximum engagement.


    MakeMySitemakes analysis is simpler and more effective. With this tool, monitoring the overall growth in the marketing process becomes as easy as a google search.

  • Secured Payments
  • With a variety of payment options, MakeMySite becomes more reliable to work with. It also assures extra security for online frauds. In this manner, the commercial engagement could be maintained with ease.

  • Reporting Options
  • A website should be able to carry out commercial performance with productivity. With the in-built reporting tools and other additional options, MakeMySite makes sure that your website, a better place for visitors.

  • Customer Analysis
  • With tons of user-friendly options such as optimized forms, your website becomes an interactive place for users to register.
    With MakeMySite, it gets faster to drive customer interactions.

  • Customer Data Management
  • A website without effective customer management is just a plain piece of text. Your website is for your customers and because of your customers. In short, customers are a priority. Having a deep insight into your customers would help your website to flourish.
    Update, study and analyze customer information and drive your commercial performance leveraging the data through customer management with MakeMySite.

  • M-Commerce
  • Mobile commerce (m-commerce or m-commerce) is the process of using wireless handheld devices (like cellphones and tablets) to perform commercial transactions online. Or in easier words, the process of buying or selling goods via handheld devices is Mobile commerce. In this era of mobile devices, without mobile commerce, your website could never reach its target audience.
    With the mobile feature, it's more comfortable to communicate with customers and manage growth analysis.
    Enhance the performance of your commercial website by utilizing the responsive option of in-built mobile commerce features.

  • Effective Content Management
  • Web catalogs are plain text that contains various links to internet addresses. This would help your customers to search for your website in a more targeted way. Before search engines came into existence, web catalogs were used to search for a website as they were the only medium.
    A website should feel simpler to navigate through. Only with this feature, a website could hold the interest of the visitor.
    Manage and streamline the entire content as well as the catalog of your website for structured and seamless navigation.

  • Collaboration Options
  • Collaborations can help you to gather traffic from your website to other platforms. For example, if you have a higher audience on your Tumblr blog, then you could link your website to your blog. This would add up new users to your already existing customers.
    Bring in and collaborate other sections, like the blog, etc., into your website to provide a more cohesive and accessible platform.

  • Interacting and communicative framework
  • One way in which you can bring in higher engagement is by making your framework interactive and communicative. This would ensure that your visitors are not just reading plain old text. Incorporate communicative aspects into your website through the interactive framework for a better scope of mutual engagement.

  • Easy Navigation
  • The basic qualities of a website are that it should be more accessible to the users. Accessibility accounts for easy navigation.
    By utilizing the Optimized navigation options, your website could reach the sole purpose of achieving better organization and structure.

  • Parting Thoughts
  • The competition might be wide, the struggles might be real, but the spirit should be high. The process should go slow and steady, with proper study and analysis. Online marketing not just requires skills but experience, the right guidance, and perfect strategy.
    MakeMySite will make sure that you reach the exact goal that you had in your mind before planning to launch your website.

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