Hair Oil Edition

Hair Oil is a necessity for everyone. Show how the hair oil can benefit the audiences with a website that describes the features of the product. Reach your potential customers with your digital address. A website plays an important role in strategizing the products for sale.

Price (Template & Web Hosting): INR 12,500INR 25,000


A website is the perfect place to showcase the credibility of the products to gain the trust of audiences. In today’s world, people trust the brands who have an online address. Selling hair oil to the target audience in stiff competition can be tough but with a website makes it easy for the products to reach the audience and let the audience find you. This website includes all the sections of what a hair oil website should be like. To contact us fill up the form below or mail on .


We have implemented the user’s interface to be responsive- to respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. The websites will provide a great digital experience to consumers over the web, mobile, and other channels using user-centered and mobile-first design.

Lead Generation

The website will educate the visitors about your products or service and about the industry you operate. We have built “Call to Actions” (CTAs) and placed them at the right places in templates to encourage users to provide their details, which will generate leads for you. You can create unique CTAs on each webpage and customize the content for each CTA.


We have tried the best practices to execute SEO techniques while creating the website. It includes the setting of titles and meta descriptions, Sitemap.xml file generation that helps Search Engines to crawl into website pages and index them, friendly URLs, option for content authors to set Image ALT tags and filenames.


We recommend that you use your images for the website, but we can provide free images that you can select from. You can choose the right image from the millions of images provided by the Unsplash platform, which is pre-installed in MakeMySite for no extra cost. You can also edit while uploading them on the website.


You can create an unlimited number of pages on your website and customize them. We will provide you with all the tools required to change the color scheme, fonts, and layouts of your website. You can add images and videos to provide better descriptions of your products and services.

Customer Support

We provide you with excellent support service to help your business online. Whether you are facing difficulty in uploading the content on your website or creating new pages, our experts would be available to assist you with one-on-one interaction.

Copy Writing Services

There are copywriting services you can avail of for your website. Our content writers deliver an engaging, clear, and crisp copy for your target audience. They will help you in persuading consumers to profit from your website. Also, it benefits, the website by increasing the traffic and readability of it.

Product Pages

Product pages have the potential to make or break your store's sales and improve the effectiveness of your website. By creating a well-structured product page, it will be easier for the site visitors to purchase from you, and you can enjoy spurge in the revenue from the website’s performance.

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